Benefits and harms of honey. 8 reasons to eat honey

Kamis, 03 Maret 2016

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Honey - an ancient delicacy and a very useful product, and probably  it is useful and its use can lead to some positive consequences for health. Also, many people simply do not know how to choose it, because its purchase is not engaged in too often. Most people buy honey 1-2 times a year. In this article we will answer the following questions: What are the benefits and harms of honey manifest? Does honey have harm to human health? As it is used in cosmetics? How to choose the right honey? How to store it? How to use it? whether there is a difference in the market of honey from the honey in the store? What is the most useful honey: lime, floral or buckwheat?

In Indonesia honey is called as madu . And the are many of online store that sell it. They sell honey with slogan jual madu asli murni tanpa campuran. It means that the honey is pure without mixing of additonal water or etc.

To begin with, we note that the substances contained in honey, which determine its favor. Thus, in honey contains vitamin B and vitamin C, minerals, potassium, iron, magnesium, sodium, calcium, sulfur, chlorine, fructose, glucose, protein (its amount varies depending on the type of honey). honey quality is very dependent on the pollen and nectar that bees collected for processing.
We proceed to the description of the 8 reasons for eating honey

1) due to the presence of specific substances honey exhibits antibacterial;

2) Honey has a lot of iron fructose;

3) Honey has a lot of iron;

4) helps with colds and viral diseases.

5) improve digestion;

6) improves the condition of the bones and teeth

7) is used as an aphrodisiac, increases the productivity of sperm cells.

8) strengthens the human immune system.

In addition to the use of honey can also have and harm on the human body. This applies particularly to people who are allergic to pollen. By this is not treated lightly, because use of honey can cause allergic pulmonary edema and even asphyxiation. So what if you never ate honey, you need to start it with the use of small portions of a few grams, over time, gradually increasing it, and at the same time monitor the condition of the body.

In cosmetology honey is used as a means of improving skin and hair. Because it makes a mask for the face, hands, and it is diluted in water and a water rinse hair. Honey nourishes the skin and gives a healthy look to skin and hair, hair and adds shine and silkiness.

When compared buckwheat honey, lime honey and flower on general indicators, it is possible to emphasize that:

- Most Buckwheat is rich in iron, are high in protein, it has a distinctive taste and quickly candy (crystallized);

- Lime honey stored initial consistency for a very long time and in comparison with floral and buckwheat are not candy long. It is most useful for colds due to beneficial properties of lime-tree;

- Flower honey crystallizes quickly, showing a positive effect on the cardiovascular and nervous systems, is used as a sedative, it is very useful for children and people under the age;
How to choose the honey?

Honey varies in color, but it should have a translucent appearance, should not be turbid and should not be precipitate, which may indicate the presence in it of extraneous additives. The smell of honey is to be rich, honey with added sugar such has no odor. It should have a uniform viscous consistency.

In summer, it is better not to buy candied honey, because it may be the last year, and you can not exactly know where and how it was kept for so long.
How to store honey?

Keep the honey should be in a glass container in a dark place of the reach of the light and the sun, the light and the sun can destroy some vitamins in it.
How to use honey?

Honey is best to use fresh unchanged. It is impossible to be heat treated honey at temperatures over 40 degrees, thus in turn it into useful substances harmful to the human body toxins. Very useful is considered warm milk with honey, this drink has a natural calming effect, is well absorbed, and also helps with colds, when the body just needs vitamins and liquid.
What honey is more useful: the market or in the shop?

The store often sell the processed honey. A process of treatment can affect the content of useful substances. Some unscrupulous manufacturers overheat the honey to give it a beautiful look. Select high-quality honey in industrial production possible for certain if his own health check in the laboratory.

But an ordinary beekeeper honey can also be of poor quality, it can contain additives or may be harmful for the reason that the pollen collected in an inappropriate places (eg, processed chemistry field). In this case, good honey, you can buy from a beekeeper, who can be trusted.

Let's make some conclusions: the use of honey is undoubtedly great, but it must be able to correctly select, store and eat, because the benefits and harms of honey are next for allergy sufferers. People who regularly eat honey, he gives good health, beauty and longevity.

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