Style Tips for Shoes, Plaid, Dresses, and Leather plus Flats - Fashion Trends in 2014

Rabu, 25 Juni 2014

Today, I want to show you great videos that will introduce you about fashion trends in 2014. You will see style about dresses, flats, plaid, shoes and leather.

This is 2014 and today i will review of more than 6 significant styles of favor that match in 2014. Within the colour of the entire year, gowns, how you can use a midi gown, the item that i mention above

Short Wedding Dress for the Best Spring/ Summer Wedding

Nowadays, short wedding dress is becoming more popular choice among brides. It looks elegant with proper touch of modernism.  There are some reasons why many couple tends to choose this type of dress. The fact that many couple want to have outdoor wedding like garden, beach or resort make this type of dress is perfect for spring/ summer wedding.

Some couples also select this type because it is look more stylish and trendy. The others feel that it is a good option for shorter body to look different in their wedding. Wearing a short wedding dress will make the legs look longer and give an illusion of taller for her. Another advantage added is that shorter dress needs less cost than long dress and it is a very practical dress which can be used as party dress after the wedding day.

Variety of Short wedding dress

Selasa, 24 Juni 2014

Short wedding dress come in a variety of styles and colors. Start from simple to complex design with a variety of colors like red, blue, pink, green, black and many more.  If you prefer to select white colors, there are many styles you can choose. Wearing a one shoulder, a bohemian or a halter style dress in traditional white color will probably make you look simple. Pair the dress with nice jewelry and other accessories to highlight your performance. Wear a pair of high-heeled shoes that matches with the dress.

The types of cloths to make short wedding dress are typically lightweight and very soft. They flow nicely and allow you to move freely. For example, look for silk, chiffon, or damask. Some of them even use transparent material to make layers that may create more aesthetic look. Actually, no matter what types of wedding dress you choose. It is better that it fit in your body and make you comfort during your special day.

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